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Got questions?

We got answers!

These are some common questions that students have.


Is it too late to join PCDC?

It is never too late to join! Our meetings are once a month in the Math and Science Building (38) in the room across from the Preschool Learning Lab (127). Click the "Join Us" tab at the top of the page to get on our email list. You can also contact us and we can get you in the loop!

Do I have to be a Child Development Major to be in PCDC?

Absolutely not! Our club members are from a variety of majors such as liberal studies and computer science. If you like kids or just like hanging with us, PCDC is for you!

Where can I find professors' office hours for the Psychology and Child Development Department?

Here is a link to the office hours for all of the professors. Don't be scared to reach out to them yourself if their times don't work for you! We really encourage all of you to go and meet our professors as they are here to help you succeed.

I'm interested in the major I'm in, but I don't know what to do after college with it?

You're not alone! It is never a clear answer right away! However, PCDC offers many opportunities for you to work and/or volunteer in areas of interest. Don't be scared to try different things! Also, professors are great in addressing these concerns as they may help you find your path. Here is a link to the child development advising professors.

How early is too early to begin my internship requirement?

For Psychology and Child Development Majors, 2 quarters of internship is required to graduate. Remember, in order for your internship to count for credits, you need to meet the prerequisite courses and must have the internship approved. Many students will typically start their internship in their senior year, but you can start earlier. If you want to see if your internship will be approved, contact Dr. J and ask. If you don't know of any internships, a link to the department internship opportunities is below. If you want to do a research internship, get to know some professors. Professors are always looking for research interns, but you have to be the one to reach out the them and ask. So, go to office hours. If you have anymore questions concerning internship, feel free to contact Dr. J or a member of the PCDC council.